I have known Bruce for over twenty years now, and during that time he ran
various boats of mine. At all times he was professional, personable, and extremely proficient in his duties, and in all ways an excellent Captain. If I were still in boating, I wouldn’t hesitate offering him another position.

Simply put, Bruce’s responsibility was to maintain and operate my boats as if they were his own, and I can honestly say I have never had anyone manage an asset of mine as well as he did, to my absolute satisfaction. Please understand that the largest boat Bruce operated for me was a 70 ft Motor Yacht, which only required himself and two other crew, and only on the Great Lakes. However Bruce was responsible for everything from bringing the boat out of storage in the spring, to getting it pulled in the fall, and all that happened in between. I expected the boat to be immaculate, provisioned, and ready to go at very short notice, and Bruce and his crew never disappointed me.

The ERO Group

Kenneth Boire, Manager

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